Luxury Vinyl Plank

coretec virtue oak

Coretec Virtue Oak

The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing with luxury vinyl plank. There are endless options available. Whether you’re looking to replicate rich earthy tones, a barn wood or even a natural stone in a tile format, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your décor. Today’s LVP comes in a variety of textures like hand-scraped and knotted. Manufactures such a Coretec, Nuvelle, Southland Floors and Parkay are just a few that offer excellent choices and quality from Wood House Floors.

Luxury vinyl planks were designed and manufactured for busy households. They don’t scratch easily. No need to worry if your toddler tracks in dirt or furry pets race through the door with mud-caked paws. Your floors will survive. LVP is also an excellent choice for homes inhabited by clumsy adults and small children. Unlike the standard stone or ceramic typically installed in homes, it absorbs shocks. Vinyl won’t crack or chip when a dish or a cup falls onto your new LVP floor.

LVP is also soft underfoot. As you walk, the flooring absorbs pressure. If you’re the type of person that is on your feet cooking and cleaning for extended periods, you’ll appreciate the softness. Especially if you usually suffer from leg and back pain. For the ultimate in comfort, treat yourself to an added layer of padding in addition to the attached padding that most LVP lines already come with.

Planks designed for damp areas usually include attached vapor barriers. If not, simply install a vapor barrier beneath the flooring if you are installing directly on top of concrete. You’ll need that layer to keep moisture from gathering underneath the boards or seeping through the seams.

Depending on the conditions, you may be able to install vinyl directly on-top of your existing flooring. Your flooring professional will be able to determine if the conditions are ok to install on top of existing tile, vinyl, hardwood etc.

Luxury Vinyl Plank is the fastest growing flooring option for people that are concerned with design, wear and potential water damage. Treat yourself to the latest technology flooring option.